Why buy British?



At the end of September, we will be celebrating British Food Fortnight – encouraging all of us to choose British food and drink.

Why buy British? Well not only do we have a plethora of amazing British produce to enjoy, but buying British has a bigger impact. Here are just some of the reasons to support our British producers:


  1. Supporting the local economy

By purchasing British products and more specifically, local produce, you are directly contributing to your local economy. Without the support of the local community, many small producers would simply not be able to continue.

  1. Carbon footprint

Buying closer to home reduces your mileage and as a result, your impact on the environment. Delicious food and drink on your doorstep with the added feel-good factor of taking care of the world we live in – yes please!


  1. Traceability

Let’s be honest, we all like to know where our food comes from. Buying British can almost guarantee you’ll know exactly where your meat was reared or in our case, where the grapes in your wine were grown.


  1. It’s delicious!

Any foodie will tell you that the first crop of English asparagus is worth the wait, and nothing tastes of summer like the first British strawberries… So why look elsewhere when buying British tastes so good?


  1. Nutritious

Eating the seasons can be one of best ways to plan your diet; when in season, fruit and veg are at their best and contain the most nutrients. This month is all about blackberries, butternut squash and kale so make sure you stock up!

And don’t forget, English sparkling wine is always in season…




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